No — this is not 1944. No — there are no bunkers or allied troops. No — this is not Normandy, France. BUT – this is the dreaded “D – DAY” —– “DAY OF” WEDDING PLANNING!!!

What does this really mean? As a professional Wedding Planner, I never could truly define this new phenomenon. How does a planner achieve in one day what would normally take a minimum of six months? How can I, for example, be responsible for the execution of florals or linens when I had absolutely nothing to do with the design? The Blue Hydrangea in an antique urn look stunning when delivered, but how was I to know that they were supposed to be Raspberry Roses in a glass trumpet vase? The Celadon Dupioni Silk linen makes a fabulous statement – who knew it was supposed to be Ivory Moiré?

So, now we realize that the “DAY – OF” REALLY means at least “TWO WEEKS – OF”. I for one, treat my weddings as I treat my own children. I conceive them – I labor over them – I nurture them – and I love them.

As Creative Consultant, I wear a multitude of hats. I am a mother, sister, confidant, designer, choreographer, director and psychologist. I wear these hats as a badge of honor. My brides are extremely important to me, and my greatest desire is to see them relaxed, excited, joyful, beautiful and stress free.

Because of this, and perhaps in spite of this, I much prefer to create the perfect wedding from conception to reception. I like to have an initial meeting with my bride and just talk and talk. We usually walk away from that meeting feeling so good and excited about working together on such an intimate event. As important as it is for me to understand “just who” my bride is, it is equally as important for my bride to know who I am, like me, respect me and most important, trust me. Gaining ones respect and trust does not always come easy, nor does it always come quickly. They say it only takes a moment to meet someone special – but it takes time to earn respect and trust.

When one is hired as a “DAY – OF” Consultant, the loss is far greater than the gain. The one single factor that is missing is oh so important – the element of TIME. We need time to get to know each other – time to respect – time to trust – time to meld – time to create – time to personalize – time to design – time for details – time to produce – time to succeed.

Please do not misunderstand. If I am asked to perform a “DAY – OF” service, I certainly would. And, I would work with grace and perfection. But, if I were to be completely honest, I truly feel that each and every bride deserves the entire package. She deserves the Wedding Planners guidance – handholding – creativity and pampering. She deserves to live the professional experience. I am certainly sensitive to the fact that not every bride can financially afford the luxury of a full service Creative Consultant/Wedding Planner. I am also a strong proponent of spending your money wisely. Rather than hiring a planner for the “DAY – OF”, find a coordinator within your budget and live the entire experience.

After sixty plus years, we certainly do not need another “D – DAY”. But – if we must – let’s dub it as “DREAM – DAY” because your Wedding Planner has made all your dreams come true.