The centerpiece, as the name states, is an important element for any event. They can come in all sizes, shapes and forms. The more dramatic the centerpiece, the more dramatic your event will look. I have done events with flowers, candy, candles, custom-designed pieces of art, and just about anything else you can think of. The most creative are the ones that resonate the best. They truly do enhance the look of the event. Much like accessories for an outfit or for a room in your home.

Weddings typically have florals as centerpieces. And, there are so many many ways to display and design these florals. Now – let’s imagine the bride’s vision for her wedding is a room filled with glorious romantic flowers—– But – our groom is highly allergic to them. What do we do? Eliminate the dream? Eliminate the groom? We turn to our old friend – “creativity”. There are numerous forms of florals; fresh, dried, faux, and even glorious paper cutouts. Paper cutouts can be made to be just as dramatic as fresh flowers when done correctly and can not only be creative and integrate your theme, but also provide a larger bouquet with your colors, theme, and desired “look and feel” built into them.

For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, centerpieces typically provide the initial entre to your theme. From a Candy theme to a Movie theme to a Sports theme, there is nothing that cannot be achieved and be achieved creatively. Artist custom-designed centerpieces are typically less costly – and may give an event more flair than the traditional florals. Recently I did a “candy” themed Bat Mitzvah. We created magnificent 3-D candies that included; Smores, Nonpareils, Chocolate dipped Pretzels and Strawberries, Hot Chocolate, Lollipops, Pixie Sticks etc.

Another example would be a significant milestone party that we designed. We did a “this is your life” theme with centerpieces that represented each decade of the guest of honors life. These were a huge topic of conversation for the guests at the party and became not only an aesthetic element, but part of the party itself. In this case, the centerpieces were not ridiculously expensive but they provided a significant walk down memory lane – which was exactly what was intended,

There are as many types of centerpieces as there are themes. Centerpieces can be designed to fit any budget for any event. The centerpiece does not have to “break the bank” – quite the contrary. Non-florals are generally less costly than florals and have quite an impact when used appropriately. We are only limited by our imagination.