Your Vision-Your Muse

Valentine’s Day. The excitement. The romance. The engagement! Once the calls have been made…the family and friends have been told….and the candles have gone out from the night never to be forgotten, what do you do in the morning? First, look at the ring and realize that yes, it is real. Second, find the perfect Wedding Planner.

The wedding planner is the modern-day Fairy Godmother, Director, Coach, Mentor, and Muse, handling all the details you may have never even thought of. Not only does she work with all the wedding-related vendors, but she is the master conductor bringing your vision to life. Whether your dream wedding is large or small, lavish or simple, elegant, traditional or modern, let’s face it, your “to do” list is growing, while the celebrating is ongoing.

This is a very special time that should be shared and enjoyed by all. Weddings are something that everyone has an opinion on. From canapés to cake, each detail needs to come together in perfect harmony to make your day magical. Bride…check. Groom….check. Wedding date…check. Flowers…not so much. Dress…search ongoing. Venue…discussing. Where to begin? When to set deadlines, budgets, and guest counts? From food tastings to flowers, themes to music. How does this all come together? Have you ever thought about loading docks…it isn’t so glamorous now….but it can be….with the right wedding planner.

Your Cinderella wedding needs a conductor and fast. Friends have given you names and appointments have been set. But there is planning to do before you even sit down for the initial conversation. First, try to set a budget in your mind. Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and so do wedding budgets. Have a vision of the number of guests you would like. Then ask yourself, what do you really need. Is it some coaching and guidance or the whole shebang? Finally, think about your image of what your wedding should be like and make sure the planners you speak with understand and see the same vision.

Remember, this is your wedding day not theirs. What can they offer you? Who do they have relationships with and what is their expertise. Some planners specialize on certain aspects of weddings, while others work on all shapes and sizes. You must have an immediate sense of trust with the planner. Trust is key – after all, this is a very emotional time in your life. You will be sharing many confidences – from familial dynamics to finances and everything in-between.

Don’t be intimidated by the wedding planner. This is to be your Muse. Make sure you have great chemistry with your potential wedding planner, and if not, run. If so, it’s a go! Then take the time to digest everything and make a plan together. Find the perfect honors for family and friends…then celebrate and congregate. Share your engagement time and your special day as a bride…with your wedding planner as your guide.