Time In A Bottle: Your Wedding Time Capsule

Time In A Bottle: Your Wedding Time Capsule

Have you ever watched a romantic movie where a character puts a message in a bottle and years later it is found washed up on the shore? Have you ever participated in a time capsule experiment at school or at home when you were growing up? Have you ever secretly wanted to do this for yourself but never have? Now is the time!

The time between your engagement and actual marriage is the most romantic and exciting time of your life. Unfortunately, it can also be the most stressful. A client of mine recently told me that she and her fiancé decided to do just that —- put time in a bottle. I thought it was so lovely and romantic. They became engaged in Hawaii and decided to savor the moment so they could relive it years later. They each wrote a note to each other and sealed them in two different beautiful bottles the night they became engaged. They decided to make their tenth wedding anniversary the day they would read each other’s note. Every day they would see those beautiful bottles in their home and it would remind them of the excitement yet to come — a special secret that they alone share.

I am told that when guests come into their home they ask about the bottles. “Are you ever going to open them”? “When will you read the notes”? Just as the top of your wedding cake is eaten on your first anniversary, this is yet another beautiful and special ritual.

Visualize this: a bottle washing up on the shore with a note from your beloved spouse that was written the night you became engaged. Chances are, so may things have happened since that night. Perhaps you now have children – perhaps you have changed your jobs or careers. But – there is one constant – the message in the bottle. How romantic to create this scenario to take you back to that magical time – your engagement.

Weddings are about so much more than a ceremony and a celebration. They are the joining of two people as one – about the integration of two families as one. Today so many couples are looking for something creative to add to their special day. Why not take this romantic notion of time in a bottle and extend it to your guests? Perhaps you can put a bottle at each table and ask your guests to write a note for you to open years later. Or write one yourselves just prior to the ceremony?

My client that has the original bottles told me that they plan to open theirs on their tenth anniversary in the very same room at the very same hotel in Hawaii where they wrote them moments after becoming engaged. They plan to recreate the same meal and spend the day exactly as they did ten years prior. As a wedding planner and a romantic, I cannot think of anything more wonderful.