Planning A Perfect Honeymoon

Planning a perfect honeymoon is an art not a science. You have just had the ultimate joyful experience (except for becoming a parent) and now you are ready to go on your first trip as husband and wife. Where will you go and what will you do? Planning the perfect honeymoon is easy if you follow these six easy steps.

First, talk to your soon-to-be spouse and find out what his/her preferences are. Does he/she prefer the beach, Europe, a cruise, an historical-based adventure, or something totally different? Once you have this information, you can narrow down your honeymoon options so both of you are excited for the trip.

Second, discuss your individual expectations. Do you expect to take day trips or simply sit at the beach for your entire trip. Does one of you like the ocean more than the other? Maybe you can combine two types of trips into one. Part of becoming a married couple is becoming a team and learning to meet and exceed each other’s expectations before it becomes stressful. While this is not always possible to do in everyday life, it is doable when it comes to a honeymoon.

Expectations can make or break everything we do. If one person has his/her heart set on something and the other is not committed to that idea, it is important to find a compromise that works for you both. You will learn, over time, that compromise keeps a marriage healthy. There is a difference, however, between compromise that benefits everyone and just giving up on your beliefs and desires totally.

Third, give yourself permission to not only embrace new experiences but enjoy and learn from them. This is a great way to make memories that will last. It has been my experience that the majority of times when you embrace something new, your level of satisfaction and enjoyment goes up significantly.

Fourth, make sure your honeymoon plans are weather-friendly. Depending on the time of year you are venturing out, make sure that your ideal destination is weather-friendly. It is not advisable to go to a beach location typically plagued by hurricanes in the middle of hurricane season, just because the cost is doable in your budget, and so forth. Make sure you are prepared for the weather as well. Don’t depend on “figuring it out ” when you get there. I have heard too many couples suggest that their honeymoon would have been much better had they prepared more appropriately.

Fifth, agree on a honeymoon budget. Here is where a lot of people forget to take this important step. Talk about your financial expectations of your honeymoon. Are you a gifter or someone that just wants to be low key? Is your spouse a shopper who wants to get something special you will always have? If so, plan for it. Once recent couple went to Italy on their honeymoon. They agreed on a budget and when they got there they decided to get a Murano glass piece for their home. After looking and looking, they found that their expectations and the Euro didn’t line up. So they compromised on something else that became just as special, knowing they could not do what they really wanted to do.

And finally, talk about what you want to do on the trip. Are there specific places you want to see or a personal tour guide you want to get to see a special museum? The couple I just talked about decided to invest in a private, English-speaking tour guide to take them through Rome. After careful research, they found it was money well spent and their trip was enhanced greatly by this. The places they saw became much more real and the knowledge they gained is still talked about today; however, it did mean that they didn’t do one or two other things they had wanted to do.

Regardless of where you go or the type of honeymoon you have, it is important to remember that this is your first trip as a married couple. Putting together a great trip is really easy when you plan it as a team. Remember, there is no “I” in team. I wish you bon voyage on your journey and a wonderful start to your new life together!