One Last Resolution Before The Ball Drops

The time of year has arrived where we go from party to party. Festive and fun, it is truly a season of joy, regardless of your religious beliefs. This is also the time of year in which we take stock of what we have accomplished, and what we still have on our proverbial “to do” list. As a party planner, I still have at least two big parties on my “to do” list this year, to pull off with perfection. However, instead of the same parties as years before, I have decided to change it up. There will be no typical holiday and New Year’s Eve parties; I am ringing in the “new” in different yet exciting ways. Here are some of my ideas you can feel free to use.

Turn your annual Chanukkah or Christmas party into a charity event. Instead of giving each other gifts or simply celebrating, ask your guests to bring one thing for or make a donation to your favorite charity. Pick something that really impacts and/or changes someone’s life. Maybe even host your party in a place where those that are less fortunate can attend. It is amazing how much the little things matter to those in need. One year one of my clients hosted a children’s toy party for singles and was able to give out over 500 menorahs to Soviet Jews who were new to the United States and had nothing. She was also able to give out over 1,000 Chanukkah gifts to children who would have otherwise had none. Talk about memories burning bright!

How about hosting a Back To The Future Party. One of my clients is doing just this, with a twist. She is inviting friends she has wanted to reconnect with for years for a party that is a blast from the past. She is also inviting current friends and family to join in as well. It is a way to make time for everything you want to accomplish, without struggling when life gets in the way of life’s best intentions – and it always does.

How about an early New Year’s Eve Party for your friends and family? Celebrate before the ball drops. You can even have your own ball drop for tradition’s sake. Not sure how to do this? It is amazing what you can do with festive decorations, fun appetizers, and a disco ball. You can even have a champagne toast at “midnight” replete with streamers and a kiss. How fun to celebrate twice!

Instead of a New Year’s Eve Party, how about a New Year’s Day Tailgate Party instead? Since New Year’s Day is all about football, this is a great time to bring out the indoor grill and serve stadium-friendly foods to your hungry, football-watching crowd. This is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Insert some of your own taste into the party and make it zing! Simpler than a nighttime party, you can even decorate for your favorite team. Don’t have a team? Decorate for your family league!

Still looking for a party idea? How about a Resolution Party? Make this party all about “one last call” for guilty pleasures like chocolate desserts and fancy drinks. Give your guests an opportunity to indulge one last time in their favorite food, drink, or discussion before the resolutions roll in. You can even make a resolution pool. Much like a fantasy draft, you can make this an annual tradition to see who is naughty and who is nice.

Regardless of the parties you throw the rest of this year or the ones you are fortunate enough to attend, please know that I wish you the happiest and healthiest holiday season filled with joy, love, and the need for many more special occasions!