You are not alone if your Wedding day vision mirrors that of a Disney Movie. Every girl, young, old, or somewhere in-between, dreams of being a Disney Princess ——— to be Cinderella at the Ball. What is the modern day Ball? The Wedding. You can buy the gown, the shoes and even the tiara. If you’re lucky, you’ve found your very own Prince Charming. But the most important character in this modern day fairy tale is your Fairy Godmother. And —- the modern day Fairy Godmother is your Wedding Planner. After all, who else can wave their magic wand and transform all your wedding dreams into you very own personal Disney movie.

Remember Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”? Belle didn’t dream about the future, but looked back through the magic mirror the Beast gave her before transforming into her Prince Charming. One of my numerous goals as your Wedding Planner is to create your very own personal magical Disney moments — but also, just as Belle did — to create something so wonderful that your “moments” last a lifetime.

If life were a true Disney movie, a bride would feel like a bride from the moment she puts on her gown, until her happily ever after. We all know that life is not a Disney movie, and our dreams are interrupted by the highs and lows known as life.

As your Wedding Planner I can create so many Disney–like moments, that years later – after the dress — after the music — after the tiara comes off, you can look back in Belle’s proverbial mirror and feel like a bride all over again. Perhaps this will be triggered by a song – a flower – a color – the scent of a particular food that you served. My magic wand should not only
translate your vision, but make it a reality, while managing all the large and the small details, but also to help you remember, in years to come, exactly what you felt like on that day —to once again feel like a bride whose dream has come true. That, my friends, is the Fairy Godmother’s happily ever after.