Dear Wendy K,

I have never been known as a “conventional” girl, but my mom says I have to have a traditional wedding.  What are your thoughts?


Dear Unconventional,

Traditional Weddings will never go out of style.  They are classic and timeless – much like an Armani suit.  But – there are a great deal of brides today that are willing to step “out of the box”.  Color is being used more than ever.  Brides are not hiding behind the whites/ivories/champagnes and sorbet colors anymore.  They are embracing bold bright and expressive colors, and having actual themes to reflect their individuality.  This is being enhanced by their gown choice, décor and menu selection as well.  Another exciting and popular trend for the over 30 set is the Destination Wedding.  At that point in their lives, they have been guests or members of bridal parties so often, that they want something different for themselves.  When a bride and groom are in their late thirties and older, most of their friends can afford to participate in a Destination Wedding, and it becomes anywhere from a full weekend to four or five days of activities rather than four or five hours at a local hotel.  Whatever you decide – make it all about YOUR dreams and who YOU are.

Wendy K