Too Many Bridal Showers ?

Dear Wendy K,
    I am so overwhelmed – so many people want to throw Bridal Showers for me.  How do I handle all this?

-All Wet

Dear “All Wet”,
Bridal Showers can be a great deal of fun – but I am not quite sure for whom.  After a while, the friends and family can end up spending almost as much as the “Father of the Bride”.  So, let’s try to be realistic and diplomatic all at the same time.  It is absolutely lovely for the bridesmaids to throw their bride a Shower.  Note that I said “a” Shower.  If the groom’s family and/or friends of the bride’s family would also like to host a Bridal Shower, here is what I would recommend.  Keep the Shower thematic.  Perhaps the guests for a second Shower could be asked to bring their favorite recipe.  Another Shower might be an evening “couples” party with dancing and no gifts at all.  One Bridal Shower is ideal — three is the absolute max.

Wendy K