Lost In Translation

Dear Wendy K,

I want to have a destination wedding but I’m worried about it being too hard to plan. Any advice?

Lost In Translation

Dear Lost In Translation,

Destination weddings are always a fun alternative to the traditional wedding! When it comes to a destination wedding, there are two steps you have to take to prep before you start the planning. The first is to choose a destination carefully, there’s a perfect destination for every couple. Some couples might want a nice countryside instead of a laid-back beach. No matter what you think your guests would prefer, this wedding is about you so choose the destination that fits you. Second, don’t stress and trust your planner. That’s where I come in. At “Party Perfect”, we want to make an overwhelming experience as stress free as possible! We will take care of all of the communication with the destination vendors to make sure your big days runs smoothly! Follow those two tips and you’re destination wedding is sure to be a dream come true!

Wendy K