In or Out

Dear Wendy K,

Some of the venues I am looking at for my big day have in-house coordinators, why should I spend money on an outside Wedding Planner?

In or Out

Dear In or Out,

Although an in-house coordinator may seem like a great deal, they can also cause some added stress. In-house planners are loyal to one thing first and foremost, the venue. That is their place of work and they want you to use all of their preferred vendors. The in-house coordinator usually handles only day-of issues and isn’t interested in working past their usual hours. That means that the months leading up to the wedding you will have little support from your planner. I believe, as an outside Wedding Planner that is the most important thing I can provide my brides, support! I am 100% my clients advocate and will do everything in my power to make their dream wedding come to life. I consider myself a Wedding Producer and hold myself responsible for ALL aspects of the wedding. The couples I work with always end up saving money in the long run. If you want a certain vendor I will work with you and with them for your big day. I am here to help you, no one else. Unlike an in-house coordinator I am “on call” 24/7. I never close shop because I know that there is never a moment of rest when planning your dream wedding. Hiring an outside planner is definitely an added expense, however, as your wedding planner I will save you money, time and not to mention keep your wedding stress free! Ask any bride and they will say that alone is priceless!

Wendy K