Dear Wendy K,

I have heard recently that paperless invitations are becoming a trend for weddings. What do you think about them, tacky or unique and fun?


Dear Curious,

When it comes to a couples dream day, whatever they want goes! That being said, I would never say anything they pick is tacky! Paperless invitations are on the rise as a “new age” way to invite guests to your big day. This is a great option for tech savvy 20 and 30 something couples who find the electronic process more eco and budget friendly. However, paperless invitations can leave some of your most important guests behind. Think of your grandparents, older relatives, family friends or even your parents! Some of them might not have email or understand an electronic invitation. They will most likely not bother to RSVP to an email and wonder where there invitation has gone. Paperless invitations can also strip the wedding of its formality. Wedding invitations should always be traditional whether your wedding is going to be semi-formal or black tie. The invitations should be as beautiful as the day itself and sometimes paperless invitations can take that away. I believe paperless invitations are a great way to save money on invitations for events such as the Rehearsal Dinner, Save the Date, Bridal Shower or the Brunch. These occasions are usually less formal and therefore, paperless invitations are perfectly fine! At Party Perfect we strive to make your big day the best day of your life. So if you chose to use paperless invitations we will help you through every step! However, in this day and age where we spend so much time on the Internet, its always a breath of fresh air to receive a gorgeous wedding invitation in your mail box!

Wendy K