Best Man/ Worst Man

Dear WendyK,

I feel awful saying this, but I absolutely cannot stand my fiancés choice of a Best Man. What should I do?

Best Man / Worst Man

Dear Best Man / Worst Man,

This is tough. On the one hand, every time you look at photographs and video of your wedding you will focus in on this person that you cannot stand – which potentially can ruin your lasting memories. But —- the “other hand” is a far better argument. A very important component of love is trust. You will be trusting your chosen partner with your life, finances and potential children. You need to pull up your big girl/boy panties and start trusting his/her judgment in friends. You must tell yourself that if he/she chose this “Best Person” to be his/her friend —- then they must be worthy. Hey — how do you know that your fiancé even likes your Maid of Honor???